Portland, Oregon

Bio: Trevor and Lillian met in Boone, North Carolina, while attending Appalachian State University. The two started dating the second semester of their senior year in the Spring of 2007. Love ensued. Trevor headed to Portland, Oregon, after graduation to attend culinary school and pursue a career in the restaurant industry. Lillian worked at The Colorado Mountain Ranch that summer then moved to Portland that fall. The two have lived and worked in Portland since. On a spring 2010 vacation in Oaxaca State, Mexico, Trevor asked Lillian to be his wife. Their families are planning a fall 2011 wedding at The Hogan residence in Montford, Asheville, North Carolina. Both Trevor and Lillian grew up in Asheville. Trevor attended Reynolds High School and Lillian attended Asheville High School. Trevor is currently cooking at Little Bird Bistro and Lillian is managing an eBay store for a Chinese import business, The Monkey King. Lillian Hogan & Trevor Payne 308 NE Thompson St Portland, OR 97212 Contact Trevor: tp60691@gmail.com 828.279.7831 Contact Lillian: lillianhogan@gmail.com 503.890.3087

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