The Big Puppy in Class

One of the best things you can do for your pup’s socialization and basic obedience is enroll them in puppy kindergarten. It teaches you how to positively interact with your dog to better communicate, teach good behavior and grow a strong bond. We went to Happy Go Lucky Dog Training in Portland, Oregon. I believe training is more for the owner than the pup. Get ready to put in the time, stick with it and have fun along the way! Introducing….Waylon, the Big Puppy in Class.

Waylon all smiles after his first day of puppy kindergarten!

Waylon all smiles after his first day of puppy kindergarten!


The first day of class, the instructor separated the room into two sections for play time. Shy dogs who weren’t quite sure about playing (aka smaller puppies) went on one side. More rambunctious ready-to-go dogs (aka big puppies who were going to crush the darling little delicate corgi) went on the other side. We noticed right away some owners were apprehensive about Waylon’s size. Waylon was at least double the size of all the other pups there. That first day only one other dog dared come on the “playful” side, Tucker the Australian Shepherd. Waylon and Tucker were fast friends; rolling around, wrestling and chasing each other showing the other pups how to rock out playtime.

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy and Australian Shepherd Puppy

Waylon & Tucker wrasslin’


Once everyone got to know Waylon and his friendly nature, he became a buddy to every dog and person in class. He was gentle enough with the small puppies that folks soon realized that their quick judgment of his size equaling trouble was just plain wrong. He’s a gentle giant! We know having a large breed dog means dealing with assumptions and nervousness just because of his sheer size. We’ll just keep working on his manners and socialization and show everyone that Berner love.

Proud mama on graduation day.

Proud mama on graduation day.



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