Bringing Our Berner Home: The First Week

When we brought Waylon home at 8 weeks old he was a mere 14 lbs. The breeder met us in a parking lot in Portland so we didn’t have to drive to Eugene to get him. On the 15 minute car ride home he whined a bit but mostly stayed put in my lap and didn’t make too much of a fuss. When we got home we let him explore the yard and the house. We had a crate set up for Waylon in the kitchen, close to our bedroom, with an ex-pen attached. The first two nights, we had to get up with him twice at ungodly hours to soothe him and take him out to use the bathroom.  We started his socialization immediately, introducing him to new people and new experiences everyday.

We were all getting used to our new lifestyle.  Even though I’ve had dogs my whole life, they’ve been raised by my family as a team with my parents taking on a lot of the responsibility. This puppy raising business is a first time time thing for my husband and I as newlyweds. The first month or so we were a bit slack on our obedience. We were just green. Looking back, I feel like we fed Waylon too many treats without asking much in return and gave him too much freedom without confinement.  Despite the reading and preparations there’s nothing quite like just jumping in and riding the learning curve. Working with your puppy on obedience training each day in short spurts makes all the difference.


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