It’s a Boy!

I’ve been a dog fanatic my whole life. Due to apartment restrictions over the past six years, I have had to go without a dog. My husband and I bought a house this summer and the first item on my agenda was to get a dog. I’m not gonna lie, I had a dog fantasy Pinterest board going for years in anticipation. We bantered back and forth about breed and whether we would get the dog from the humane society or a breeder. We decided on a Bernese Mountain Dog from a breeder outside of Eugene, Oregon called Coburg Hills Bernese Mountain Dogs. We were one of the last people to reserve a pup from the upcoming litter which meant a berner with “less desirable” markings. Think less white on the face. That didn’t bother us a bit, we just wanted a happy and healthy puppy with a good temperament. Here’s the first photo taken of Waylon at 7 weeks old, just before we took him home at 8 weeks old.

Waylon, 7 weeks old

Waylon, 7 weeks old


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